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My name Is Denise DesMarais-Fearn born on June 20, 1955. I have been married twice before my current marriage which is the very one Im keeping!! Im mother of 3 very wonderful adult children. Two boys and one daughter. I have 5 VERY AWESOME grandchildren. 3 boys and two girls. I am approaching 60 and cannot wait for it. I love life and this dancer has not changed's made it even more urgent for me to get back to living it. I can't wait to get past this tired feeling all the time and get back to things the way they were!! I have been through probably more then some and less then others in my life but I have never used my down times in life as a crutch and I'll be darned if I'm gonna start now!!

Vital Info


January 28, 2015

Mayville, Michigan 48744

June 20, 1955

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Ovarian Cancer

August 12, 2014

Stage 1

over 6.1

Grade 3


when the weather gets warmer and the snow goes away, our Motorcycle club (VMC) will be holding a charity ride to raise funds and awareness about Ovarian Cancer. Our goal is to try and raise $5000.00

What I Hate is, I keep forgetting I have cancer and try to do more then I should and then get very tired very quickly!!!

What I've learned is that most people really care but are not sure what to do or say and think its better to just stay away.

Just a kind word of support, a txt message, phone call or card in the mail always seems to bring smiles and feelings of not going it alone!!

Troy - Beaumont Cancer Treatment Center - Troy, Michigan

It has made a huge difference being in good shape before the surgery. It made surgery much easier for my doctor, and made my treatment easier to handle with less side effects then most.

Know that this too shall pass and just constantly tell yourself you WILL beat it!!

January 20, 2015

Bloating, Frequent urinating and very light spotting


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